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Shanghai Premier League aka SPL is an amateur football (soccer) league based in Pudong, Shanghai, aiming mainly at the expatriate community. Shanghai Premier League was founded in 2003 when 5 existing amateur teams, among which the Shanghai Traffic Police team, who hitherto played only on occasional fixtures, decided to group themselves and play in a double round-robin league format. Simultaneously a Shanghai Premier League Cup is also played. The league's season runs from October to June, with a start tournament to kick off the season and an end tournament to close the season. Occasionally special tournaments and events are held.

Special Events[edit]

  • Shanghai Premier League Santa Cup is a one-day 11-a-side tournament occasionally held during winter break.
  • Shanghai Premier League World Cup is an event which is held usually at the start of the summer to coincide with the FIFA World Cup. It has been covered by the local media.[citation needed]


2012/2013 League[edit]

Team Nationality First season Former names
Bulls of Bosporus Turkey, Germany 2003–2004
Cowboys China 2011–2012
Etoile Rouge de Shanghai France 2005–2006
Flamenkos Belgium, Spain 2003–2004 FC Vlis
Galacticos various 2006–2007
Gremio[1] Italy, Brazil, China 2006–2007 Hawks
Shanghai Marlins various 2008–2009 Hard Day Night FC, Dulwich United, Dulwich Foxes
Shanghai Lions Football Club France, United States, Netherlands 2003–2004
Shanghai Japan Football Club Japan 2003–2004
Super 48 Japan 2009–2010
Shanghai 2000 China 2012–2013
Stoke City Men's Team Shanghai China 2013–

Champions and Cup holders[edit]

Season Champion Runner up Cup holder
2006–2007 Lions FC Vlis Lions
2007–2008 Lions Galacticos Qilin
2008–2009 Hawks Lions Galacticos
2009–2010 Lions Japan FC Lions
2010–2011 Lions Flamenkos Lions
2011–2012 Hawks[2] Hard Days Night (HDN) Hawks


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