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Shea Heights is a small neighborhood located in the hills of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. The view of the city from Shea Heights is remarkable and the main road through the community is often traveled by tourists who are bound for the historic community of Blackhead Village and of course, Cape Spear, a national historic site. The area previously has had a bad reputation with names such as 'The Brow". There is a strong community pride with a truly rural feel, despite its close proximity to the downtown core. Shea Heights is home of the wrestler Sailor Eddy White,who became one half of the World Tag Team Champions The Moon-dogs during the old WWF wrestling card. It is also home to NHL hockey player Harold Druken, who played with the Canadian World Junior Hockey Tournament in Winnipeg Manitoba in 1999, just barely losing to the Russian Juniors in the Final game. Then went on to play for the Vancouver Canucks and the Toronto Maple Leafs of the NHL.

Today the community boasts a well-managed community centre, many newer homes and includes renovated older houses. Shea Heights is a middle income area of the city with a neighbourhood school, St. John Bosco (K-9). Most residents commute to St. John's for work; the community is a part of the city area and is serviced by the City of St. John's. A small medical centre, a community centre, several small stores and a pharmacy serve local residents.

Coordinates: 47°30′30″N 52°40′24″W / 47.5082°N 52.6733°W / 47.5082; -52.6733