Sheikh, Somaliland

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The way Sheikh to Berbera.
The way Sheikh to Berbera.
Sheikh is located in Somaliland
Location in Somaliland.
Coordinates: 9°55′45″N 45°11′30″E / 9.92917°N 45.19167°E / 9.92917; 45.19167Coordinates: 9°55′45″N 45°11′30″E / 9.92917°N 45.19167°E / 9.92917; 45.19167
Country  Somaliland
Region Togdheer
District Sheekh
Time zone EAT (UTC+3)

Sheikh (Somali: Sheekh, Arabic: شَيخ‎‎), also known as Shiikh, is a major town in the northwestern Togdheer[1] province in Somaliland. It is situated 70 km north of Burao.


As with many other areas in northern Somalia, Sheikh is noted for its numerous historical structures. Ancient temples found in the town are reportedly similar to those in the Deccan Plateau in South Asia.[2]


The town of Sheikh has a population of around 35,657 residents.[2] The broader Sheikh District has a total population of 133,625 residents.[3]

Sheikh town & district is mainly inhabited by people from the Somali ethnic group, with Isse Muuse sub-clan of Habr Awal well-represented.

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