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Genre Comedy
Written by Hasina Moin
Directed by Mohsin Ali
Starring Shakeel
Neelofar Aleem
Ishrat Hashmi
Arsh e Muneer
Mahmood Ali
Subhani Ba Younus
Mohammad Yousuf
Khalid Nizami
Country of origin Pakistan
Original language(s) Urdu
No. of episodes 6
Production location(s) Pakistan
Original network Pakistan Television Corporation

Shehzori (Urdu: شہزوری) was a Pakistani Urdu-language television series aired in the 1970s. It was the debut serial of Hasina Moin, who later went on to become the most famous and successful drama writer of Pakistan, and to this day no writer has matched the popularity that Haseena Moin achieved. Shehzori was based on a work of the same name by Azim Beg Chughtai. It was directed by the legendary director Mohsin Ali.[1][2]


A young couple get married without telling their parents who do their best to split up the relationship. The short serial focuses on the ups and downs of the couples marital life and how Tara (Neelofar Aleem) a strong woman, wins her evil father-in-law (Mahmood Ali). This also tells us the story of Mustafa (Shakeel) a weak man who cannot take a stand for his wife. This comedy serial gives out several strong messages which are relevant to this day.



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