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Sheryl Albers (born September 9, 1954 in Baraboo, Wisconsin[1]) is a Wisconsin legislator and politician.


Sheryl Albers received her education at the following institutions:

Professional experience[edit]

  • Policy Analyst, Assembly Republican Caucus, 1987–1991
  • Dairy Farmer, 1978–1996
  • Farmer, Muck/Mint/Other, 1972–1978
  • Attorney, Hazelbaker and Associates[1]


In 1991, Albers was elected to the Wisconsin State Assembly in a special election.[2] Albers served in the Wisconsin State Assembly from 1991 until her retirement in 2009.[3]

Political experience[edit]

Albers has had the following political experience:

  • Assemblymember, Wisconsin State Assembly, 1991–2008
  • Won Special Election, Wisconsin State Assembly, 1991
  • Chair, Sauk County Republican Party, 1980–1982
  • Vice Chair, Sauk County Republican Party, 1978–1980
  • Publicity Chair, Sauk County Republican Party, 1976–1978
  • Reagan Co-Coordinator, 1980[1]


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