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Shi Yafeng (Simplified Chinese: 施雅风, Traditional Chinese: 施雅風) (March 21, 1919 – February 13, 2011) was a senior academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. He was an expert on geography and glaciology, and regarded as the "Father of Chinese Glaciology".[1]


Shi was born in Haimen, Jiangsu Province on March 21, 1919.[2] He did his undergraduate and postgraduate studies both at Zhejiang University. He led the Batoula Glacier Investigation Team, Glaciology and Geocryology Institute of Chinese Academe Science in 1978, which was the first modern Chinese team to systematically investigate glaciers.

Chronologically, he was a researcher, the vice-director, director, honorary director of the Lanzhou Glacier Frozen Earth Institute (which is the most prestigious institute in the related scientific fields in China), Chinese Academy of Sciences.


  • monograph: Glacier Conspectus of China (Shi et al., 1988)
  • monograph: Glaciers and Glacial Geomorphology in China (Shi, 1992)


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