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Shigenobu is a Japanese name. It is usually a male given name but can be a surname the name of a place. As with most personal names, the meaning of the name is derived from which kanji (Chinese characters) are used, and there are several different kanji that are pronounced "shige" and a few which can be pronounced "nobu".

Possible spellings[edit]

  • 重信 – "heavy faith"[1]
  • 重靖 – "heavy diligence"
  • 重陳 – "heavy maturity"
  • 茂信 – "abundant faith"
  • 茂伸 – "abundantly influential"
  • 繁信 – "abundant faith"
  • 繫信 – "joined in faith"[2]
  • 薫信 – "aroma of faith"[1]
  • 滋信 – "nourishing faith"
  • 滋延 – "nourishing longevity"

Phonetic spelling[edit]

The following are spellings of the name "Shigenobu" in the two phonetic syllabaries of written Japanese, and thus have no intrinsic meaning:

  • しげのぶ
  • シゲノブ




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