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Shinvi (Hangul신비) was a South Korean girl group. Shinvi belonged to Cid.K Entertainment, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment. After only a year of activities, the group disappeared from the music industry and is assumed to have been disbanded.


Shinvi was promoted by SM Entertainment but was actually under a subsidiary of the company, similarly to their labelmate group Milk. Their first album was scheduled to be released in late 2001, but instead came out in April 2002. Shinhwa member Jun Jin appeared in the music video of their title song, "To My Friend". A poll was conducted on Shinvi's website to determine what the group's follow up release would be. "Darling" was voted as the next song for the group to promote, and it was also used in the online game Shining Lore. Shinvi released another solo song on the SM Entertainment compilation album Summer Vacation in, entitled "Summer in Love". The last album that the group participated in was 2002 Winter Vacation in Though Yuna appeared in the music video for "My Angel My Light", only Soo Jin and Sang Eun were featured on the album's jacket. Since this last release there have been no updates on the status of the group, and Shinvi is assumed to have disbanded.


  • Yoo Soo-jin (Hangul유수진), born 6 March 1983. She was chosen to join Shinvi from the "1st SM Entertainment Best Youth Contest". After group became inactive, Soo-jin appeared in advertisements for makeup brand Estée Lauder. In December 2012, she was listed as a model for Racing Model Agency GL P&P.
  • Oh Sang-eun (Hangul오상은), born 24 August 1984. Her introduction to the K-pop scene was a duet with Moon Hee-joon, for the song "Our Story". She has appeared in the Korean productions of the musicals Grease, A Chorus Line, and The Magicians. Following the inactivity of her group, Sang-eun signed with agency M Boat and now goes by the stage name of Ne;MO. The main song of her first single was a duet with Daesung of Big Bang. In 2009 Ne;MO was a guest vocalist for female group Miss $, taking part in their first album. She has released five solo singles, and additionally collaborated with MC Mong as well as Ga-In of Brown Eyed Girls.
  • Yoo-na (Hangul유나), born 18 April 1985. After Shinvi's disbandment, Yoo-na returned to school and pursued a career in law. She passed the bar exam in 2010, though this wasn't reported in the media until 2012. When the news became known, Ne;MO requested via her Twitter account that Yoo-na be left alone to live a normal life.[1][2]


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