Shirō Sano

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Shirō Sano
Sano Shiro from "Snow Woman" at Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo International Film Festival 2016 (32830733983).jpg
Native name 佐野 史郎
Born (1955-03-04) March 4, 1955 (age 62)
Yamanashi, Yamanashi, Japan
(Raised: Matsue, Shimane)
Occupation Actor, film director, musician
Years active 1975–present
Spouse(s) Maki Ishikawa
Website Kisseidō

Shirō Sano (佐野 史郎, Sano Shirō, born 4 March 1955) is a Japanese actor.


Born in Yamanashi Prefecture, Sano lived in Tokyo and Matsue, Shimane as a child, before returning to Tokyo to enter art school.[1] He joined several theatrical troupes, including Jurō Kara's Jōkyō Gekijō. He had his first starring role in a film in Kaizō Hayashi's To Sleep so as to Dream in 1986,[2] but gained fame for playing the character Fuyuhiko in the television drama Zutto Anata ga Suki datta in 1992.[1] He directed his first film, Karaoke, in 1999.[3]






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