Shivaskanda Satakarni

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Shivaskanda Satakarni
Satavahana King
Reign 2nd century CE
Predecessor Vashishtiputra Satakarni
Successor Yajna Sri Satakarni
Dynasty Satavahana
Satavahana Kings (271 BCE – 220 CE)
Simuka (1st century BCE)
Kanha (1st century BCE/CE)
Satakarni (1st-2nd century CE)
Sivasvati (1st century CE)
Gautamiputra Satakarni (1st-2nd century CE)
Vasishthiputra Pulumavi (2nd century CE)
Vashishtiputra Satakarni (2nd century CE)
Shivaskanda Satakarni (2nd century CE)
Yajna Sri Satakarni (2nd century CE)
Vijaya (2nd century CE)

Shivaskanda Satakarni was one of the last rulers of the Satavahana dynasty in India. He succeeded Vashishtiputra Satakarni in 145 CE. His reign is dated variously: 154-161 CE,[1] or 145-152 CE.[2]

He was defeated twice in battle by his Western Satrap enemy Rudradaman.[3]

Preceded by:
Vashishtiputra Satakarni.
Satavahana ruler
(2nd century CE)
Succeeded by:
Yajna Sri Satakarni


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