Short Wave Live

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Short Wave Live
Short Wave-Live-1.jpg
Live album by Short Wave
Released 1993
Recorded 1991/92
Genre Jazz / Rock
Label Gimini / Voiceprint
Producer ?

Short Wave Live is the only album by Short Wave, a UK band related to the Canterbury Scene, consisting of Hugh Hopper (bass), Didier Malherbe (sax), Phil Miller (guitar) and Pip Pyle (drums).

The band was formed in 1991. Miller and Pyle had been playing together in In Cahoots, which had previously also included Hopper.

In 1993, they released a live album that contains material from concerts in England, 1991 and France, 1992. Short Wave was short lived - all members were also busy in other projects and bands.

The album was reissued on CD in 2005 on Voiceprint Records.[1]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "The Fox" (Miller)
  2. "Saiseyes" (Pyle)
  3. "Frankly Speaking" (Hopper)
  4. "The Balladin" (Pyle)
  5. "2 P.M." (Hopper)
  6. "Partout" (Hopper)
  7. "Midnight Judo" (Hopper)
  8. "Shuffle Demons" (Hopper)
  9. "Nan True's Hole" (Miller)
  10. "VZG" (Malherbe)
  11. "Et Alors..." (Malherbe)



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