Shout the Truth

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Shout the Truth
Studio album by Confide
Released June 17, 2008
Recorded 2007
Genre Metalcore, post-hardcore
Length 35:05
Label Science, Tragic Hero (reissue)
Producer Cameron Webb, Joel Piper
Confide chronology
Shout the Truth
Re-recorded cover
Cover for the re-release of Shout the Truth
Cover for the re-release of Shout the Truth
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Absolute Punk 81%[1]
Jesus Freak Hideout 3.5/5 stars[2] 4/5 stars[3]
Review scores
Source Rating
Jesus Freak Hideout 4/5 stars[4]

Shout the Truth is the debut full-length album by American metalcore band Confide, released on June 17, 2008[5]


The album was released on Science Records (Warner Bros.), the same label as Blessthefall and Greeley Estates were on at that time, before the label shut-down.

Shout the Truth was the first album featuring England-native Ross Kenyon, besides the group's 2008 demo recording. Two of the songs from the demo were also re-recorded for this full-length; "Zeal" and "The Bigger Picture". The album was also the last album to feature original member and lead guitarist, Aaron VanZutphen, and was the only album to feature drummer, Arin Ilejay.


The re-issue of Shout the Truth was released on September 8, 2009 through Tragic Hero Records,[6] as opposed to the album's original pressing over Science Records. For this re-recording, Confide went back to Cameron Webb's studio to re-record the clean vocals with new drummer and vocalist Joel Piper, with an exception for "Such Great Heights". Piper only recorded vocals for these songs and does not play the drums on any of the tracks on the re-release. The drums on all other tracks are the original drums recorded on the original album by former drummer Arin Ilejay. The original lead guitar tracks were also used from the old mix, as recorded by former guitarist Aaron VanZutphen, except the guitars on "Such Great Heights" which were recorded by new member Joshua Paul. This re-release was also last album to feature the original member/bassist Billy Pruden.

The album also features 3 bonus tracks: "Role Reversal", "I Never Saw This Coming" (both recorded in 2008 as b-sides) and "Such Great Heights", a cover of the song by electronic group, The Postal Service. The cover of "Such Great Heights", which was recorded by Joel Piper at Joel Piper's recording studio in Fresno, Ca, became an internet phenomenon in 2009. Two music videos were released for this album: "Such Great Heights"[7] and "I Never Saw This Coming".[8]

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Millstone" 3:14
2. "Can't See the Forest for the Trees" 2:26
3. "I Am Scared of Me" 3:32
4. "City to City" 2:42
5. "Zeal" 2:56
6. "If We Were a Sinking Ship" 3:16
7. "00:00" 2:01
8. "Holes" 3:11
9. "Vultures Among the Dead" 3:10
10. "The Bigger Picture" 2:39
11. "In Reply" 3:43
12. "This I Believe" 2:29


Produced, mixed and mastered by Cameron Webb (for both versions)


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