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Show-Me Institute
Show-Me Institute.jpg
Show-Me Institute
MottoAdvancing Liberty With Responsibility by Promoting Market Solutions for Missouri Public Policy
Founder(s)Rex Sinquefield[1]
FocusEconomic policy in Missouri
ChairmanCrosby Kemper III
Executive DirectorBrenda Talent[1]
BudgetRevenue: $1,733,597
Expenses: $1,419,361
(FYE December 2015)[2]
Coordinates38°39′06″N 90°16′24″W / 38.651629°N 90.273276°W / 38.651629; -90.273276Coordinates: 38°39′06″N 90°16′24″W / 38.651629°N 90.273276°W / 38.651629; -90.273276
Address5297 Washington Place
Saint Louis, MO 63108

The Show-Me Institute is an American think tank based in St. Louis, Missouri that promotes public policies that advance free market principles.[3] Founded in 2005, the organization focuses on economic policy issues in the state of Missouri. The stated mission of the Show-Me Institute is "improving the quality of life for all citizens of Missouri by advancing sensible, well-researched solutions to state and local policy issues."[4] The organization was founded in 2005 by Rex Sinquefield, who serves as president of the institute's board of directors.

Policy positions[edit]

The institute's first study, released in March 2006, argued for the elimination of the earnings tax in St. Louis and Kansas City.[5] In February 2007, the institute released a report on mayoral control of the St. Louis public school system, suggesting mayoral control would be preferable to school board control.[6] In January 2008, the institute released a study examining the effects of a tuition tax credit program in Missouri. The study suggested legislation to reimburse the parents of private school children for property taxes would be good public policy.[7]


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