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Sunder Shyam Chadda (born February 1920 in Sialkot - died April 25, 1951) [1] was a Hindi film actor of the 1940s.[2] He originally hailed from Sialkot and his full name was Sunder Shyam Chadha, but he grew up in Rawalpindi.

Shyam graduated from Gordon College in Rawalpindi. He was a close personal friend of Saadat Hasan Manto and was the inspiration of many of his stories.[3] Even after partition their bond of friendship endured. One of his famous movies was Bazaar, released in 1949 where he starred with Nigar Sultana. He married a Muslim, Taji Mumtaz Qureshi with whom he had a daughter Sahira Kazmi and a son named Shakir, a psychiatrist based in UK. She is a Pakistani television artist who is married to fellow artist and educationist Rahat Kazmi. Shyam died on the set of the film Shabistan in 1951 after he fell off a horse. The film was completed with a stand-in and body double in his place.[2]


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