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Sibakatullah Ansari is a Bahujan Samaj Party politician from Mohammadabad in eastern Uttar Pradesh, India. He is the elder brother in the well-known Ansari family which had a freedom-fighter role during India's independence movement, but has of late been known as the leading criminal-mafia family of Uttar Pradesh.[1]

Sibakatullah's younger brothers Afzal Ansari and Mukhtar Ansari of Ghazipur are currently in jail on charges of having murdered the earlier politician elected from this seat, Bharatiya Janata Party member of legislative assembly Krishnanand Rai. Afzal was a Samajwadi Party Member of Parliament in the national Lok Sabha from Ghazipur 2004-2009. Sibakatullah is a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Mohammadabad and Mukhtar is a Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) from Mau. Mukhtar in particular, is known as the don of Mau, and has a long list of murder, extortion and kidnapping charges pending against him. Such is their perceived criminal clout in the region, that the Election Commission of India had the two brothers shifted from Ghazipur jail (Mohammadabad is in Ghazipur district), to a jail in Jhansi prior to the elections.[2]

He has been viewed as apolitical earlier, but came out to fight the 2007 elections after his brothers were incarcerated. His name is also sometimes spelt Sibag Tullah.

Election 2005[edit]

In the Uttar Pradesh state assembly elections, 2005, Sibakatullah's elder brother son Mohammed Majid won from the Mohammadabad constituency[2005], defeating Alka Rai, the widow of Krishnanand Rai, who had allegedly been killed by Sibakatullah's brothers. Both sides had been campaigning for "justice", Alka Rai saying that she wanted justice for the brutal street murder of Krishnanand Rai, and Sibagatullah stating, Ham bhi insaaf mang rahe hain (I also seek justice), suggesting that his brothers were paying the price for their "war against feudal forces"[3]

The election results in this constituency, for the top five candidates, are as follows:

Candidate Party Votes Percentage
Mohammed Majid Samajwadi Party 56361 39.38
Alka Rai Bharatiya Janata Party 52975 37.02
Vijay Shankar Bahujan Samaj Party 21247 14.85
Rajmuni Suheldev Bhartiya Samaj Party 4101 2.87
Jai Prakash Indian National Congress 2435 1.70

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