Siin me oleme!

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Siin me oleme!
Siin me oleme (1978).jpg
DVD Cover of digitally remastered version.
Directed by Sulev Nõmmik
Produced by Eesti Telefilm
Written by Enn Vetemaa
Sulev Nõmmik
Music by Ülo Vinter
Distributed by Eesti Telefilm
Release date
1 January 1979
Running time
67 min
Country USSR, Estonian SSR
Language Estonian

Siin me oleme! (Estonian; English: Here we are!) is an Estonian movie of 1979, written and directed by Sulev Nõmmik. The script was compiled on Juhan Smuul's motifs from Suvitajad (Estonian for Summer tourists).


Together with Viimne reliikvia, Noor pensionär and Mehed ei nuta, Siin me oleme! is one of the most memorable Estonian movies from the Soviet era.[citation needed] Even decades later, Smuul's catchphrases popularised by the movie, such as 'We're from Tallinn, we'll pay!' (Estonian: Me oleme Tallinnast, me maksame!) are widely recognised and recycled by Estonian people.[citation needed]


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