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Silahdar Fındıklılı Mehmed Ağa (7 December, 1658–1723) was an Ottoman historian.

Born in Constantinople (Istanbul), he entered in the service of the Imperial Ottoman Gardens (Hasbahçe) and then as page in the privy chamber. He raised to higher positions in a short time, serving under sultans Mehmed IV, Suleiman II, Ahmed II, Mustafa II and Ahmed III.

Silahdar Findiklili Mehmed Agha wrote historical chronicles such as "Zeyl-i Fezleke" ("Postscript to the Fezleke," the Fezleke being an earlier work by the historian Kâtip Çelebi), which is today commonly known as Silahdar Tarihi (The History of Sword-Bearer). A second volume of his work was entitled Nusretname (The Book of Victories). These together recorded the events which occurred prior to and during his lifetime. They present both the events in Constantinople (such as the fire of 1660 which destroyed most of the city) but also his experience during the campaigns of Kara Mustafa Pasha and the battle of Vienna.[1][2][3][4]


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