Silvia Urbina

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Silvia Urbina
Origin Chile
Genres Folk, Nueva Canción, Chilean music
Years active 1955 –
Associated acts Rolando Alarcón, Cuncumén, Cuncumenitos

Silvia Urbina is a Chilean singer and researcher in folkloric music of Chile. She started her career as a musician in 1955 as one of the founders of the successful group, Cuncumén, and after leaving the group in 1961, she founded another group, Cuncumenitos, dedicated to teach Chilean children about folkloric music. Since then she has also been working with other famous musicians, like Rolando Alarcón, Patricio Manns, Violeta Parra, Gabriela Pizarro, Raquel Barros, Manuel Denneman and Onofre Alvarado.[1]