Simon I de Montfort

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Simon I de Montfort
Seigneur of Montfort
PredecessorAmaury I de Montfort
SuccessorAmaury II de Montfort
Bornc. 1025
Montfort l'Amaury,
Kingdom of France
Died25 September 1087(1087-09-25) (aged 61–62)
BuriedÉpernon, Kingdom of France
Noble familyHouse of Montfort
Spouse(s)Isabel de Broyes
Agnes d'Evreux
FatherAmaury I de Montfort

Simon I of Montfort or Simon de Montfort (c. 1025 – 25 September 1087) was a French nobleman. He was born in Montfort l'Amaury, in the Duchy of Normandy, and became its lord. He was the son of Amaury I de Montfort[1] and Bertrade. At his death he was buried about 20 miles (32 km) away in Épernon, because it was the site of the fortress he was instrumental in constructing.


Simon I first married Isabel de Broyes (b. 1034 in Broyes, Marne),[2] daughter of Hugh Bardoul. Their children were:

Simon I's second marriage was to Agnes d'Évreux (b. 1030), daughter of Richard, Count of Évreux.[4] Their children were:



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