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Simpals (in English is spelled "sim-pals") - is a group of Moldovan companies which provides online services and has one of the largest animation studios. According to (Russian)Logos-Press, it is the leading company[1] on the online advertising market in Moldova and the owner of several portals with broad audience, including – the most visited local website. The area coverage of Simpals’ portals reaches almost 70% of the Moldovan internet.


Web portals

The firm owns 12 portals, 5 of them (,,,, being in the (Russian)top 10 most visited sites in Moldova. Simpals’ web platforms are visited by approximately 1.3 million unique visitors per month (over 70% of all internet users from Moldova).

Online advertising

In 2011, Simpals had 48% market share of online advertising (,,, According to this indicator, Simpals (Russian)is the leader. (According to (Russian)Logos-Press)

In 2011, Simpals launches Numbers – the first internet sales house, joining the most important platforms of the Moldovan internet.

Animation and computer graphics

Simpals owns of the largest animation studios of the country, which has a portfolio of more than 100 advertising videos and 3 animated short films. Since 2008, the studio works on the first Moldovan 3D animated long film – (Romanian)“Ţigan” (The Gipsy). In 2010, Simpals opened “The School of Monsters” (MONSTERS.MD) – a school of animation and computer graphics.


Simpals owns one of the largest online shops in

Venture investment;

In 2011, Simpals launches the first venture incubator – „Simpals Garage”.

The firm's customers include some of the biggest local and international companies and brands: «Orange Moldova», «Moldcell», «Nestle», «British American Tobacco-Moldova», «Microsoft» — Moldova, «Moldtelecom»(local telephony operator), «Efes Vitanta Moldova Brewery» (EVMB), «Lafarge», «Kraft Foods», «Хортица»(factory), «Audi», «Volkswagen», «Finlandia Vodka», «Procter&Gambell», «President».

The Prehistory[edit]


  • The future founder of Simpals, Dmitry Voloshin, had registered the domain – the site that was the basis of the company and became (Russian)the most visited web portal in Moldova.


  • Was launched the (Russian) platform
  • Was launched At this stage, the site is the Dmitry Voloshin’s personal webpage containing a portfolio with works and, in future become the company’s corporate website.


  • Was launched the first Moldovan forum – the project. A specific element of the forum became its format and the content generation system – UGS (User-generated content). The platform became unique in this area and offered the Moldovan internet users, the possibility to freely communicate on topics the interest them

The history[edit]


  • On April 1, Simpals Company is officially registered by the founder, Dmitry Voloshin.
  • On November 14, Simpals Company is established in a new office. The number of company’s employees – 4 people.
  • Was launched the job market –
  • During the MTV Music Awards 2002, Simpals Company is awarded for the best special effects in the video of (Russian)O-Zone” band.


  • At the “WebTop 2003” contest, Simpals gets (Russian)2 awards for economic development of the (Russian) site.
  • Due to the development of the company, Simpals moves to a new office. The number of employees – 9 people.
  • Was launched the auto portal –


  • Simpals creates the online social platform (Russian), which became some kind of (Russian)symbiosis between the online games and nowadays social networks.
  • becomes the internet-project of the year in Moldova and gets the award with the same title during the International Youth Day, celebrated in Chişinău.


  • On March 23, Simpals moves to a new office. The number of employees reaches 18 people.
  • The daily chat is launched on (Russian)
  • During the (Romanian)"Tineretul în acţiune" (Youth in action) program, (Russian) website gets the internet-project of the year award.


  • On April 1, was launched the platform – the first informational search engine from Moldova. The portal is the official partner of Yandex Company, in its regional program.
  • On June 1, the (Russian) project launches the first online non-reality show – (Russian)"Топка" (The furnace) [2] [3] [4].
  • On September 27, Simpals Company launches a unique project for Moldova – the “SMS-Market” newspaper.
  • Simpals Company got the first place award for (Romanian)the best advertising video: “Rock Festival Старый Мельник”, at International Documentary Film Festival – “Cronograf 2006”.


  • Simpals Company has launched (Russian) – the first online television in Moldova. The portal hosts both own news materials made by a team of professional journalists and alternative video versions of the events filmed and posted by the users of the portal.
  • Simpals Company has finished working on portal. It became the first social network in Moldova.


  • Simpals starts to work on the first Moldovan 3D animation movie (Romanian)“Ţiganul” (The Gipsy). (Russian)[5] [6]
  • Simpals creates the PointMessenger 2.0 software, which synchronizes all services of company’s interactive sites. The software is an analogue of ICQ.
  • December 21 – Simpals moved to a new office. The number of employees reaches 42 people.


  • Simpals launches the “999” online shop, which allows the Moldovan internet users to purchase goods without leaving the house.
  • Updates the electronic map of Moldova – (Russian) They worked on the new version along with “INGEOCAD” – The Institute of Geodesy and Cadastre. Simpals added the dynamic map –, on the portal, so the internet users can freely access the most detailed map of Moldova.
  • Simpals Company works on the video for the song “Hora din Moldova” sung by Nelly Ciobanu, who represented Moldova at the prestigious international song contest Eurovision – 2009. [7] [8] [9]
  • The animation studio owned by Simpals Company launches 3 animated short films in 3D, two of them [10] [11] having the winter holidays as a subject, and one of them [12]April Fool’s Day.


  • Simpals is changing its office. The number of employees reaches 71 people.
  • Simpals Company inaugurates “The School of Monsters” (MONSTERS.MD – the school of animation and computer graphics.
  • Simpals opens in Moldova the representative of the International Club of the Mafia Game (MAFIA.MD). (Russian)[13]


  • Simpals launches a real estate company –
  • Simpals launches the first venture incubator of startups in Moldova – “Simpals Garage”.
  • The “Simpals Garage” startup incubator is the co-organizer of the “Startup Weekend in Republic of Moldova” event. [14]
  • Simpals Company launches – the first internet sales house in Moldova.


  • Simpals starts the process of unifying all its online portals in a single project.


The Administration[edit]

The Managing Director is Dmitry Voloshin; the acting Directoris Roman Stirbu.

Social activities[edit]

  • (Russian)“Мальчикам и девочкам посвящается” (Dedicated to the boys and girls) – the social project, in which Simpals helped the orphans from Moldovan orphanages. (2006, 2007, 2011).
  • (Russian)„Wерни Wетеранам Wеру " (Give a Faith to the Veterans) – social project for the veterans, developed by Simpals in partnership with (Russian) portal. The projects exists since 2005.

Educational activities[edit]

  • “School of Monsters” – the school of animation and computer graphics. (MONSTERS.MD).

Interesting facts[edit]

  • In 2008, the director of Simpals was invited to visit Pixar Animation Studios in Emeryville, USA. Pixar representatives were interested in Simpals’ project – the “Ţigan” cartoon. (Romanian)[15]
  • Simpals made the first online video broadcast in Moldova (according to (Russian)Logos-Press).


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