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Industry Interactive entertainment
Computer and video games
Founded 1988
Defunct 1997
Key people
Steve Barcia
Products Master of Orion

Simtex was a video game developer established by Steve Barcia in 1988. It created a number of well-known turn-based strategy games for the PC, most notably the first two Master of Orion games. The company closed in 1997.


The rights to Simtex's games were held by Atari until sold to various parties in a 2013 auction. now owns the rights to the Master of Orion series, while Atari still holds the publishing rights to Master of Magic, it is eXtremePro Group Inc, that owns the full IP, based on trademark records. [1] A third Master of Orion game named Master of Orion III was published by Atari (a subsidiary company of Infogrames) in 2003, having been developed by Quicksilver Software.


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