Singur Dam

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Singur Dam
Official nameM BhagaReddy Singur Project
Coordinates17°44′59″N 77°55′40″E / 17.7496°N 77.9278°E / 17.7496; 77.9278
Construction beganin 1979
Opening date1998
Dam and spillways
Type of damEarthen \ Gravity Dam
Length7520 meters
Dam volume30 TMC FT

Singur Dam also written as Singoor (సింగూర్ in Telugu) is an irrigation, hydroelectric and drinking water project located in Singooru village near Sangareddy district in Telangana, India.[1] It is a major source of drinking water for Hyderabad city.[2][3]

The dam is built on the river Manjira. The construction was completed in 1998. Singur reservoir has live storage capacity of 29 Tmcft

It is a popular tourist destination.[citation needed]

This pipeline scheme is an inter river basin transfer link by feeding Godavari River water to Krishna River basin for Hyderabad city drinking water and subsequent regeneration/sewage flows generated (80%) for irrigation purpose. Nearly 10 tmcft water is supplied to Hyderabad city from this reservoir.


It has history of series of delays since its inception. The irrigation component of this dam in Medak district is not yet implemented. On October 1999, 1 of 17 radial spillway gates failed on the Singur Dam in Andhra Pradesh, India. This failure occurred during initial filling of the reservoir when the water level was 9.8 feet (3 meters) below design level. The gate became dislodged due to a detachment of the left side trunnion girder. The right side arm supported the gate for 22 hours before becoming completely dislodged and washing away. The Andhra Pradesh State authorities attributed the failure of the gate to inadequate welding between the trunnion girder and the tie flats (Mande et al., 2000). There is no mention of downstream damage resulting from this failure.[4][failed verification]

Singur Dam Facts[5]
Dam Name Singur dam
State Name Telangana
Type of dam Earthen / Gravity
Nearest City Sangareddy
Impounds Manjira River
Mandal Pulkal
District Name Medak
Area Information is not available
Lat / Long 17.802194, 77.892981
Total Capacity 30 Tmc ft
Purpose Irrigation, Hydroelectric and Drinking Water
Construction began In 1979
Opening date In 1989
Height 33 meters
Length 7520 meters
Spillway Gates 17
Spillway Discharge Capacity 8.16 Lakh Cusecs
Type of Spillway Gates Radial
Project The Singur Project

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Coordinates: 17°44′59″N 77°55′40″E / 17.7496°N 77.9278°E / 17.7496; 77.9278