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Sinwonsa Saritab.JPG
Korean name
Hangul 신원사
Hanja 新元寺
Revised Romanization Sinwonsa
McCune–Reischauer Sinwonsa

Sinwonsa is a Buddhist temple in the South Chungcheong province in South Korea. Sinwonsa is located in Yanghwari Gyeryong-myeon Gongju, and one of three main temples in Gyeryong mountain along with Donghaksa and Gapsa. The temple was built by the monk Bodeokhwasang in the 11th year (651) of King Uija's reign of Baekje, and underwent several expansions. Gaeyeonhwasang is said to have renovated the current daeungjeon in 1876.

Jungakdan, traditional faith heritage in Gyeoryong mountain

Jungakdan was built when the royal family respected Gyeryong mountain as three steep mountains with Myohyangsan mountain and Jirisan mountain in the third year (2431 AD) of King Taejo’s reign. The religious service for the god of Gyeryong mountain was performed every spring and autumn. The present Jungakdan was expanded in the 16th year of King Gojong’s reign.

Coordinates: 36°20′07″N 127°11′02″E / 36.33528°N 127.18389°E / 36.33528; 127.18389