Sir John Simeon, 4th Baronet

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Poster (believed to be for 1895 UK General election) of Tankerville Chamberlayne (left) and Barrington Simeon

Sir John Stephen Barrington Simeon, 4th Baronet (31 August 1850 – 1909) was one of the two Members of Parliament[1] for Southampton at the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century.

He was born at Swainston Manor[2] in West Wight on 31 August 1850[3] and succeeded his father, the 3rd baronet, in 1870. He served as Ensign in the Rifle Brigade until he married Isabella Dutton in 1872. The marriage was childless. In 1880 he became private secretary to the Rt Hon John Bright, MP, and entered parliament himself in 1895 as a Liberal Unionist. Shortly after his election he commissioned a private railway station[4] at Watchingwell, some four miles (6 km) west of Newport.[5] Re-elected in 1900 he left the House of Commons in 1906 and died three years later.[6]


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