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Sirio Maccioni
BornApril 5 1932 (Age 86)
Montecatini Terme, Italy
Culinary career

Sirio Maccioni (born 1932 in Montecatini Terme, Italy) is a restaurateur and author.[1] Maccioni got his start at Oscar's Delmonico, Delmonico's. Owner Oscar Tucci once stated "Sirio and with Tony May will be some of the greatest restaurateurs, that will come out of Delmonico's." Maccioni was featured in Le Cirque: A Table In Heaven, a 2007 American documentary film.[2]

He was awarded the Impresario dell’Anno (Entrepreneur of the Year) award at Affreschi Toscani. Maccioni is known for Le Cirque, his award-winning flagship French restaurant and other ventures in New York City, Las Vegas, the Dominican Republic, New Delhi and Abu Dhabi, which are run with his wife Egidiana “Egi” and sons Mario, Marco and Mauro.

In June 2004 Maccioni published his [biography], Sirio: The Story of My Life and Le Cirque with Bloomberg L.P.'s restaurant critic Peter Elliot. On television, he has been featured as a guest judge on Top Chef, the 48th Annual Miss Universe Pageant and as himself in Charlie Rose, Behind Closed Doors and Eat This New York.[3] Maccioni and his family were also featured in a behind-the-scenes documentary film Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven, which details Le Cirque’s 2006 move from the Palace Hotel to the Bloomberg building on East 58th St.[4] Maccioni and several recipes from his restaurants are featured in Egidiana Maccioni’s The Maccioni Family Cookbook.[5] In 2012, Sirio Maccioni authored A Table at Le Cirque with Pamela Fiori published by Rizzoli.


  • Le Cirque first opened at the Mayfair Hotel in 1974. It closed and reopened as Le Cirque 2000 at the Palace Hotel in 1997. The latest installation opened in 2006 in the Bloomberg Tower building at One Beacon Court (151 East 58th Street).
  • Le Cirque at Bellagio Hotel
  • Le Cirque New Delhi (The Leela, New Delhi)[6]
  • Cirque Cafe (58th St./Third Ave.)
  • The Beach Club by Le Cirque (Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic)
  • Circo New York (120 West 55th street, between Sixth & Seventh Aves.)
  • Circo Las Vegas at the Bellagio (hotel and casino)
  • Circo Abu Dhabi
  • Sirio Ristorante (The Aria Resort and Casino)[7]
  • Ristorante at The Pierre Hotel



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