Sitti in the Mix: The Dense Modesto Remixes

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Sitti in the Mix: The Dense Modesto Remixes
Remix album by Sitti Navarro
Released 2007
Recorded 2006
Genre Dance, Electronica
Length 50:16
Label Warner Music Philippines
Producer Jim Baluyut
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Sitti in the Mix - The Dense Modesto Remixes
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Sitti in the Mix: The Dense Modesto Remixes is the first remix album of Philippine bossa nova singer Sitti. Instead of a bossa nova sound, Sitti collaborated with Myx Philippines DJ Dense Modesto to make her songs into dance tracks.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Ipanema Drums" [Intro] (Moraes, Gimbel, Jobim)– 0:28
  2. "Mas Que Nada" [Baile Del Sol Remix] (Jorge Ben) – 5:37
  3. "I Didn't Know I Was Looking For Love" [Morning After Remix] (Tracey Thorn, Ben Watt) – 3:41
  4. "Wave" [Blue Coast Remix] (Jobim) – 4:06
  5. "Tattooed On My Mind" [Beach Avenue Remix] (D'Sound) – 7:13
  6. "You On My Mind" [Modesto Beep Remix] (Connell, Drewery, O'Duffy) – 4:05
  7. "The Girl From Ipanema" [Fastrack 2030 Remix] [Interlude] - 1:33
  8. "At 17" [Prom Night Remix] (Janis Ian) – 4:34
  9. "Lady Wants To Know" [Trip Lounge Remix] (Michael Franks) – 3:18
  10. "One Note Samba" [Outtake Remix] [Interlude] (Hendricks, Jobim, Mendonca) – 1:15
  11. "Para Sa Akin" [Paso Dulce Remix] (Emil Pama) – 3:18
  12. "Para Sa Akin" [Reprise] [Interlude] – 0:19
  13. "Hey Look At The Sun" [Fieldday Remix] (Nelson Angelo) – 5:25
  14. "Invisible War" [Empty Hallway Remix] (Julia Fordham) – 4:54
  15. "Perfume Guitarra" [Outro] - 0:30