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LaunchedNovember 20, 2000; 19 years ago (2000-11-20)
Owned byCreative Programs
Picture format480i (SDTV)
Slogan"Your choice. Your music."
LanguageEnglish (primary)
Filipino (secondary)
Broadcast areaNationwide
HeadquartersABS-CBN Broadcasting Center, Diliman, Quezon City
Sister channel(s)ABS-CBN News Channel, Asianovela Channel, Cinema One, Metro Channel, Cine Mo!, DZMM TeleRadyo, Jeepney TV, Knowledge Channel, Liga, Movie Central, O Shopping, Yey!
Digital terrestrial televisionChannel 2.5
ABS-CBN TV PlusChannel 12
Sky DirectChannel 37
Sky Cable
(Metro Manila)
Channel 23 (Digital)
Destiny Cable
(Metro Manila)
Channel 23 (Digital)

Myx (/ˈmɪks/, stylized as MYX or myx) is a Philippine pay TV channel based in Quezon City. The channel is targeted to youth audiences with music video as its primary content. It was introduced on free-to air television through the now-defunct television network Studio 23 in 2000. Some of the programs of Myx was shown on Studio 23 during early morning, afternoon and late evening blocks. In 2002, Myx was launched as a stand-alone 24-hour music channel on cable. On February 28, 2007, an American counterpart was created to cater the Asian-American community in United States. Myx is notable for showing the lyrics as the music video plays which was adapted from video karaoke, a popular pastime in Asia.[1] Since 2006, Myx has given the annual Myx Music Awards to the most influential personalities in the Philippine music industry.


Myx was first aired on November 20, 2000 on ABS-CBN's sister television network, Studio 23 (now S+A). It was intended to be the replacement of MTV Philippines. It aired on Studio 23 during daytime, as a block-timer.

On February 14, 2002, ABS-CBN merged Myx on Channel 23 with then top-rating music cable channel, VID-OK. After the merger, Myx retained its name. However, it carried the format of VID-OK (which plays music videos with lyrics). At first, viewers of both predecessors were cold regarding the said change. However, Myx was able to gain significant audience compared to the channel's main competitors. Since then, Myx became the number one music channel in the Philippines.

On January 16, 2014, Myx stopped airing on Studio 23. This was after the closure of Studio 23 to give way to the new free-to-air sports channel, ABS-CBN Sports and Action (S+A).

In November 2015, the network celebrated its 15th anniversary. The month-long celebration started with "Myx Mo! 2015" at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds on October 31, 2015. The following day, November 1, 2015, Myx re-branded with new shows and a new look with a major graphics overhaul. Myx also invited past and present VJs for the grand "Myx Homecoming" which was aired as a 4-part special. Finally, the network concluded the celebration with the airing of the Myx 15 documentary on November 20, 2015, the launching day of Myx wayback in 2000.

On July 30, 2018, Myx became available on ABS-CBN TV Plus at Channel 12 (DTT). It was launched as a free trial channel together with O Shopping, Asianovela Channel, Movie Central and Jeepney TV until December 31, 2018 but it was extended until February 29, 2020. Prior to this, there was Myx2, a tested complimentary channel and later on discontinued before TV Plus was officially launched in 2015.

On July 11, 2019, Myx launched a secondary YouTube channel called All Music Myx which features uploads of Myxclusive performances of artists from the Myx archives.

VJs and hosts

Myx has produced some of the most popular VJs in the country which includes Lourd de Veyra, Luis Manzano, Geoff Eigenmann, Heart Evangelista, Nikki Gil, Bernard Palanca, and Iya Villania. Since 2007, Myx has produced the annual Myx VJ Search with the aim of searching the country's best VJs. The finalists will be given the chance to be a VJ on Myx. The current VJs of Myx are Robi Domingo, Ai dela Cruz, Samm Alvero, Dani Mortel, Anton Fausto, Aya Fernandez, Ylona Garcia and Edward Barber.[2]


The majority of the programs of Myx is composed primarily of music-related programming which includes programs with music videos for specific genre, artists, as well as music video charts programs. Myx also shows concerts, events, and live performances. Myx also sponsors several special events for televised purposes as well as programs related to pop culture. The following are the list of shows currently airing on Myx.[3]

Daily shows

These shows air different episodes per day.

  • Mellow MYX – features mellow and love music videos and love advises from the resident VJ.
  • My MYX – features music video requests from viewers that were sent on the official website.
  • MYX Backtrax – features music hits from the early 1950s to the early 2010s.
  • MYX Moods – features the playlists of your favorite artists and MYX VJs depending on their selected mood.
  • MYX Sure-Fire Hits – features music videos with no distractions.
  • MYX Take 5 – features 5 music videos from one featured artist.
  • Pinoy MYX – features the latest and the classics of OPM music videos.
  • Pinoy MYX Breakout - features music videos from up and coming local artists.
  • Pop MYX – features the latest international pop music videos on the planet.
  • Star MYX – features the top 5 favorite music videos of all time from your favorite artists or celebrities.

Chart shows

These chart shows counts down the most voted and most requested local and foreign music videos[4] and most viewed All Music MYX performances of the week. [5]

  • MYX Daily Top 10 – features the top 10 most voted and most requested local and foreign music videos every Mondays to Fridays.
  • MYX Hit Chart – features the top 20 most voted and most requested local and foreign music videos in a weekly basis.
  • MYX International Top 20 – features the top 20 most voted and most requested foreign music videos weekly.
  • MYX Most Viewed – features the top 10 most viewed videos on the YouTube channel All Music MYX for the week.
  • Pinoy MYX Countdown – features the top 20 most voted and most requested local music videos weekly.

Weekly shows

These shows air different episode per week.

  • Club MYX – features club, dance, and EDM music videos.
  • MYX Live! (also shown on All Music MYX) – features fresh and new live performances from artists weekly in their all new studio set up.
  • MYX Presents (currently airing pervious episodes) – features concerts, documentaries, MYXclusives, and locally produced specials.

MYX Shorts

These shorts air during commercial breaks, during a show, after the show ends or before the show starts.

  • Kwento ng Kanta – features a story of how famous hits of your favorite artists started.
  • MYX Celebrity VJ – a guest celebrity VJ invades your favorite MYX shows monthly.
  • MYX Headliner – the featured artist of the month gives a 1-minute feature about themselves.
  • MYX Premiere – local music videos that have not premiered in any other platforms yet or will be premiering ahead from any online websites premieres on MYX for the first time in this segment. Foreign music videos are shown on MYX for the first time on Pop MYX.
  • MYX Speaks – local and/or foreign artist interview on music career and music.
  • MYX Spotlight – MYX gives the spotlight to newly discovered artists or bands. Its goal is to expand the OPM music industry by endorsing newly discovered artists or bands.

MYX Specials

These specials air during special days, events or occasions.

  • #LoveOnMYX – give in to love on MYX as your favorite MYX VJs play your requested love songs for 24 hours on February 14 of every year, starting 12 midnight.
  • MYX Halloween Special – a short movie presentation starring the MYX VJs in celebration of halloween. Resthouse was the first ever presentation in 2010, followed by Singsing in 2011, Kadena in 2012, and Diary in 2013. After 4 year hiatus, the halloween special returned in 2017 entitled Kwintas.
  • MYX Marathon Special – features 24-hour music special of the featured artist. Some of the marathon specials are: Michael Jackson: Salute to the King of Pop (2009), Pinoy MYX Independence Day Marathon (2010), I ♥ Kylie Minogue Marathon (2011), #myxMARIAHthon (2014), #myxMADONNAthon (2015) and MYX Backtrax: Linkin Park Marathon (2017; 7 hours only)
  • MYXAdventures – features the adventures of MYX VJs as they travel around the Philippines and abroad.

MYX on TV Plus


  • MYX Mo! (2002–2015)
  • MYX Music Awards (since 2006)
  • MYX Slam Jam (since 2007)
  • MYX VJ Search (2007–2012, 2014, since 2017)
  • Summer MYX Fest (2007–2016)
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA on MYX) (since 2012)
  • MYX Grand Fan Meet (2014, 2016–2017)
  • Vlogger Search (2016)
  • MYX Moves: The Street Dance Competition (2016-2017)
  • MYX Squadfest (2018)
  • MYX Viewer and Online Promo

Previously aired on MYX

  • AniMYX
  • Asia MYX
  • Beat U.K.
  • Billboard Music Awards (2016)
  • Coca-Cola Music Studio
  • Cyber MYX
  • Dance MYX (renamed Club MYX)
  • Dyan Banda
  • First Seen On MYX
  • Hello K-Idol
  • iTunes Festival
  • K12: The K-Pop Countdown (former online show)
  • Late Night MYX
  • Later... with Jools Holland
  • Morning MYX (renamed MYXilog)
  • MYX 3 On 3
  • MYX Ambushed
  • MYX Back2Back
  • MYX Bandarito
  • MYX Daily Top 10: International Edition (now back to MYX Daily Top 10)
  • MYX Daily Top 10: Pinoy Edition (now back to MYX Daily Top 10)
  • MYX Firsts (renamed MYX Sure-Fire Hits)
  • MYX Forum
  • MYX Halo-Halo
  • MYX Hit Chart: F4 Edition
  • MYX Homecoming
  • MYX Mobile Top Picks
  • MYX Movie Date (moved as a segment of MYX News)
  • MYX News
  • MYX News Minute
  • MYX Olympics
  • MYX Remakes (renamed MYX Versions)
  • MYX Sa Dos (former version of Star Music Video on ABS-CBN)
  • MYX Sa Dos F4 Edition (before Meteor Garden show on ABS-CBN)
  • MYX Sampler
  • MYX Setlist
  • MYX Studio Sessions (previous episodes uploaded online)
  • MYX Suburbia (renamed Urban MYX)
  • MYX Throwback
  • MYX Tugtugan
  • MYX Versions
  • MYXed Lives
  • MYXellaneous
  • MYXilog
  • MYXposed
  • MYXtreme
  • MYX Wer U At? (previous episodes uploaded online)
  • One Music Be Discovered
  • OPM MYX (renamed Pinoy MYX)
  • OPM MYX Countdown (renamed Pinoy MYX Countdown)
  • Pinoy Rock MYX
  • Planet Rock Profiles
  • Pop My MYX
  • Pop MYX: K-Pop Edition
  • Radio MYX
  • Red Hot MYX
  • Rhum on the Rock
  • Rock MYX
  • Star MYX: Palmolive's KC Concepcion Top 10 Edition
  • Urban MYX
  • Tanduay's First Five
  • Top of the Pops
  • World of Dance (season 1)


In 2007, Myx TV (originally launched simply as Myx) was launched in United States. The American counterpart of Myx was originally intended to cater the Asian-American youth community in United States with music video as its primary content. It was later reformatted to become a general entertainment channel targeted to the Asian-American diaspora. Myx TV is operated independently from its Filipino counterpart with some of its programming produced in the United States by ABS-CBN International and by other third-party production companies. Myx TV is exclusively available in United States on over ten million households through a wide array of platforms such as cable, satellite, IPTV, online streaming, VOD and other over-the-top content platforms such as Roku, Samsung Smart TV, Samsung Blu-ray, Sony Bravia, Sony Blu-ray, and Opera Software.

Myx on other platforms

  • Myx magazine - was a bi-monthly magazine that complements the music channel.
  • Myx compilations - was a series of music compilations released by PolyEast Records.
  • Myx Mo! - was a yearly concert event launched in 2002. Today, Myx Mo! is now considered as the longest continuous annual music festival in the Philippines. The last Myx Mo was on the year 2015.
  • Myx Charts - was a mobile app available in android and iOS devices.
  • Myx 2 - was a digital sub-channel of ABS-CBN DTT. It was later discontinued before ABS-CBN TV Plus was launched in 2015.
  • Social media - Myx's official social media accounts on Twitter and Facebook are among the biggest in the country, with over six million likes on Facebook and over five million followers on Twitter.
  • All Music Myx - a secondary YouTube channel launched on July 2019. It brings curated performances of your favorite artists from the Myx archives regardless of what genre of music you're into.


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