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SkyscraperCity Logo.png
Web address
Type of site
Registration 850,000[1]
Available in English and Spanish
Owner Skyscraper Source Media Inc.
Created by Jan Klerks[1]
Launched September 11, 2002[1]
Alexa rank
Increase 2,126 (August 2015)[2]
Current status Online

SkyscraperCity, also known as, is an internet forum website for skyscraper hobbyists and enthusiasts.

Many of the forum's users have been known to collaborate with each other on various projects, including fictional maps and wayfinders.[3]

Founded in 2002, the website runs on vBulletin, has 84,600,000 posts, and a Flipboard news aggregator.[1] The site has an editorial,, managed by SkyscraperCity's founder, Jan Klerks.[4]

Use in other media[edit]

Photo images posted on the site have been used on Londonist, CNBC Africa, and Quartz websites.[original research?] [5][6][7] A hobbyist's mockup of a possible design for Pinnacle Tower accompanied a news article in City A.M..[original research?] [8]

In 2013, a hobby project on the site by 26-year-old graphic designer, Angus Doyle, a history graduate with no formal training in graphic design was approached by Transport Scotland. Doyle said: "Before emailing me, they had taken the map I'd done and cut it up to create a representation of what the rail network looks like now. They asked my permission to use that map, plus my own map, in future planning discussions."[9]

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