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Slide may refer to:


Arts, entertainment, and media[edit]




Other uses in music[edit]

Musical instruments[edit]

  • Slide guitar, a guitar playing technique
  • Slide (wind instrument), part of an instrument used to vary the length of a tube, and therefore the pitch of the instrument
    • Slide whistle, a musical instrument using a slide
    • Trombone, a musical instrument using a slide
      • Sackbut, the Renaissance and early Baroque forerunner of the trombone

Other uses in arts, entertainment, and media[edit]


  • Slide (footwear), a kind of shoe
  • Slide, also known as a neckerchief slide or woggle, is a ring to hold a neckerchief on a Scout's neck
  • Barrette, also known as a hair slide in North America

Recreation and sports[edit]

  • Slide (baseball), dropping to the ground when going into a base to avoid being tagged
  • Darkslide, a skateboarding trick
  • Playground slide, a smooth, sloped downward surface on which children slide while sitting
  • Sliding tackle, a skill in soccer
  • Water slide, a form of amusement in which people slide down a wet surface into a swimming pool


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