Smaro Stefanidou

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Smaro Stefanidou
Native name Σμάρω Στεφανίδου
Born (1913-04-09)April 9, 1913
Athens, Greece
Died November 7, 2010(2010-11-07) (aged 97)
Athens, Greece
Occupation Actress

Smaro Stefanidou (Greek: Σμάρω Στεφανίδου; April 9, 1913 – November 7, 2010[1]) was a Greek theatre, film, television and radio actress.


Her family's origin is from Asia Minor. She graduated from Business School in Athens, she learned foreign languages and the piano. From a very young age she presented plays for children. Without telling her parents, she worked to pay for her tuition at the National Theatre Drama School, as her parents didn't want her to become an actress.

After her graduation from the Drama School, in 1937, she was hired by the top theatre star of these times, Marika Kotopouli. Since 1952 she was the main character actress in the company of Vassilis Logothetidis, with whom she stayed until his death, in 1960.

She also she acted alongside Katerina, Elli Lampeti, Dimitris Horn, Lambros Konstantaras, Giannis Fertis, Xenia Kalogeropoulou, Aliki Vougiouklaki, Stefanos Lineos, Giannis Gkionakis, Nikos Kourkoulos, Antonis Antypas and many more.

A bright point in her career was her rendition of queen Hecuba in the play Trojan Women by Euripides translated and directed by Giannis Tsarouchis at a makeshift theatre on Kaplanon Street and in Delphi At the "Tsarouhis Academy", as she playfully called it, she learned a lot from the charismatic artist.

She made her first cinema appearance in 1951, with G. Zervos' film "Four steps". Since then, she appeared in many movies, among which adaptations of theatre plays in which she had played. She also worked a lot for the radio, taking part in radio serials, radio theatre and readings of novels.

She married singer - chansonnier Vassos Seitanidis (1913–1965) Their daughter, Leda - Irene, now known as Leda Shantala, is a yoga teacher, Bharata natyam dancer/teacher/choreographer and dance therapist.

Smaro Stefanidou and her daughter, in the fall of 2003, created the "Shantom House of Culture", in Chalandri (a suburb of Athens), a centre hosting lessons, workshops and seminars (dance, yoga, martial arts, theatre, alternative therapies etc...) as well as performances. She died in 2010, at the age of 97, and is buried in the First Cemetery.


1937–1940: Marika Kotopouli Company[edit]

  • Anghelos Terzakis Gamilio emvatirio (Wedding March)
  • Geri 6th floor
  • D'Usseau - Gau Deep are the roots
  • Bernard Shaw Mrs Warren's profession
  • Dimitris Bogris Kainourgia zoi (New Life)
  • Dimitris Bogris Everything will change ... Mrs Asprodonti
  • Andre Aube Don Juan
  • Pandelis Horn Meltemaki (Light breeze)
  • Sophokles Electra ... Chorus leader

1940–1942: Katerina Andreadi Company[edit]

  • Yalamas - Oekonomidis - Thisvios War quadrilles
  • Hayermann Good faith
  • S. Bekefy Come on the first of the month

1942–1944: Art Theatre[edit]

  • Ibsen Wild Goose
  • Strindberg Swanevit
  • G. Sevastikoglou Konstantine and Helene
  • Pirandello Cosi' e', se vi pare (As you like it)
  • Erkin Cauldwell For a piece of land
  • Grigorios Xenopoulos Stella Violandi ... Stella's mother, Maria Violandi

1944: Katerina Andreadi Company[edit]

  • Victorien Sardou Madame Sans-Gene
  • Leo Lentz Lady I love you

1946: United Artists Troupe[edit]

  • Theodora
  • If you work, you'll eat

1949–50: Vasso Manolidou - Y. Pappas Company[edit]

1952–1960: Vassilis Logothetidis Company[edit]

  • Sakellarios - Yannakopoulos Despinis eton 39 (An old maid of 39)
  • Yorgos Roussos Ena votsalo sti limni (A Pebble in the Lake,
  • Sakellarios - Yannakopoulos Triti kai dekatris (Tuesday and the 13th,
  • Dimitris Psathas Enas vlakas kai misos (A very stupid fellow),
  • Yorgos Tzavellas O erastis erchetai (The Lover is Coming)
  • Feydaux A beating on the bottom
  • Nikos Tsiforos O teleftaios timios (The Last Honest Man)

1960–1962: Dimitris Horn Company[edit]

  • McDougall - Alan The coward and the bold
  • Sakellarios - Yannakopoulos Woe to the young
  • Anouil Travellers without luggage


In the summer of 1962 she took part in the musical play by Bost - Theodorakis Omorfi poli (Beautiful City) (Park Theatre) In the winter of 1962–63 she appeared again with Dimitris Horn in the plays

  • Georges Neveux What is Zamor
  • Marc Camoletti Girls up in the air

Immediately after, with the Lambros Konstandaras Company in the plays

  • Yorgos Roussos Karre tis damas (Carre of Queens) (with Vylma Kyrou and Lambros Konstandaras)
  • W. Somerset Maugham Rain (with L. Konstandaras and Maro Kondou).

1964–67: Various troupes[edit]

  • 1964–65 Neil Simon Barefoot in the Park (Elli Lambeti Company)
  • 1964–65 Tennessee Williams A Streetcar named design. (Elli Lambeti Company)
  • 1965 Pretenderis - Yalamas Mias pendaras niata (Threepenny Youth) (during the summer season at the Minoa Theatre, and in the winter season at the Amiral Theatre)... Marika
  • 1966 Yalamas - Pretenderis I komissa tis fabrikas (The Countess of the Factory) (Kondou - Linaios - Rizos - Stefanidou Company)
  • 1967 Dimitris Psathas Achortagos (The Insatiable) (Yannis Gionakis - Christina Silva - Yannis Michalopoulos - Smaro Stefanidou company) at the Alhambra Theatre
  • 1967 Yorgos Roussos Exi fores tin evdomada (Six times per week) (in the summer, with the same company, at the Bournelli Theatre)


A small selection of her many theatrical appearances

  • Pirandello Il piacere dell'onesta' (The Pleasure of Honesty) (Yannis Fertis - Xenia Kalogeropoulou company)
  • Leonard Gershe.Butterflies are Free (Yannis Fertis - Xenia Kalogeropoulou company)
  • Kazantzakis Zorbas (Zorba the Greek) (Yannis Voglis - Smaro Stefanidou company, directed by Nikos Charalambous)
  • Julia (Aliki Vouyuklaki company)
  • Alexandre Dumas La dame aux camelias (Aliki Vouyuklaki company, directed by Mauro Bolognini)
  • Hit (Dimitris Horn company, Kappa theatre)
  • Euripides Trojan Women (translated and directed by Yannis Tsarouchis at the Kaplanon Street Theatre - in the role of Hecuba)
  • Yannis Dalianidis Ikosi yinekes ki ego (Twenty Women and I (Kostas Voutsas Company)
  • Robert Thomas Huit Femmes (Eight Women) (Kalouta Theatre)
  • Leonard Gershe The Ship of Fools (Bournelli Theatre)
  • Alexej Galin Retro (Titos Vandis Company, Broadway Theatre, 1984)
  • Francoise Sagan Bonheur, impair et passe (Christos Politis - Andonis Andypas Company, at the Simple Theatre)


Year Film Transliteration Role
1951 The Four Steps Τα τέσσερα σκαλοπάτια
Ta tessera skalopatia
Loukia Asprokotsyfa
1952 The Tower of Knights Ο πύργος των ιπποτών
O pyrgos ton ippoton
Orsa Delarossa
1953 Santa Chiquita Σάντα Τσικίτα Mrs. Delacovia
1954 Despoinis eton 39 Δεσποινίς ετών 39
Despinis eton 39
Chrysanthi Karantari
1956 The jealous husband Ο ζηλιαρόγατος
O ziliarogatos
Mina Moutsopoulou
1957 The lover of all women Ο γυναικάς
O ghinaikas
Korina Frabala-Zouboulou
1960 Three dolls and myself! Τρεις κούκλες κι εγώ!
Treis koukles ki ego
1960 Madalena Μανταλένα
1961 Woe to the Young Αλλοίμονο στους νέους
Allimono stous neous
... Voyage Ταξίδι
... The lover is coming Ο εραστής έρχεται
O erastis erchetai
... Lucky for me I've gone mad Ευτυχώς τρελλάθηκα
Evtyhos trellathika
1964 My Greek Wedding Γάμος αλά Ελληνικά
Gamos ala Ellinika
Petros' mother
1964 Aristeidis and his Ladies Ο Αριστείδης και τα κορίτσια του
O Aristidis ke ta koritsia tou
1967 Mia pendaras niata Μιας πεντάρας νιάτα' Marika Konstandinou
1968 The madman is the sanest of all Ο τρελός τα 'χει 400 Sultana
1973 20 Ladies and I 20 γυναίκες κι εγώ
20 yinekes ki ego
Smaro Filippou


Theatrical plays on television[edit]

  • Dimitris Psathas: "The coward and the brave"
  • Dimitris Psathas: "Dumb and dumber"
  • "Never lose faith"


Television series[edit]

  • Dimitris Nikolaidis: The mister, the mistress and the mama
  • Yannis Tziotis: Love stories
  • "The last grandchildren" (from Tasos Athanasiadis' novel)
  • Yorgos Konstandinou: "All four of them were wonderful"


She took part, for a great number of years, in many theatrical and literary radio shows, as well as in radio serials such as:

  • "The tongue that embroiders" and
  • "Baroness Staff".

She read, in installments, the novels:


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