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Other names
Variant(s)Smekja, Smeća

Smecchia is an aristocratic family of Serbo-Croatian origins. The vernacular is Smeća or Smekja.

Petar Smekja brought about the economic prosperity of the family, following his famous merchant undertaking when he established a trading route between Venice and the Baltic countries in his ship “Leon Koronato” in 1746. In 1748, he became a “Konte” (count), while in 1779 the family acquired the status of Kotor nobility.[1]

A branch of the Smecchia family was notable in Perast, Boka Kotorska, Venetian Republic (today Montenegro). The Smekja palace is the biggest of all palaces in Perast. The three-story edifice with belvedere was entirely built of stone brought from the island of Korcula. A terraced porch stretches along the whole length of the first floor, while the second and third floors are decorated with balustraded balconies. Above the entrance is the coat-of-arms of the casada Cizmaj – two crossed branches with five feathers on each one.[2]

The earliest mention of the Smecchia family in Boka Kotorska is in a 1325 document.[3] The Perast manuscript was discovered in the house of the Smecchia family in Perast.[4]

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