Smoky Night

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Smoky Night
CM smoky night.jpg
Author Eve Bunting
Illustrator David Diaz
Country United States
Genre Children's picture book
Publisher Harcourt
Publication date
ISBN 978-0-15-269954-3
OCLC 28294012
[E] 20
LC Class PZ7.B91527 Sl 1994

Smoky Night is a 1994 children's book by Eve Bunting. It tells the story of a Los Angeles riot and its aftermath through the eyes of a young boy named Daniel. The ongoing fires and looting force neighbors who previously disliked each other to work together to find their cats. In the end, the cats teach their masters how to get along. The book made the list of One Hundred Books that Shaped the Century compiled by the Staff at the School Library Journal. They added the book to the list as paving the way towards the genre of serious picture books.[1] David Diaz's acrylic, collage-like illustration of the tale earned the book the 1995 Caldecott Medal.[2]


Due to all the riots and commotion happening around Los Angeles, Daniel and his mom are forced to leave their house. After all the racism and judgement happening and not getting along with their neighbor, they must come together and put their differences aside. They Also need to work together and help each other because they had lost their cats. But once they get to the fire station where they were staying at, their cats just so happen to be there.


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