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Software Design and Development (SDD) is the study of designing and developing software. SDD is also a subject offered to senior high school students in Australia in university entrance exams such as the Higher School Certificate (HSC) and the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE).


VCE Course[edit]

In Victoria, the course in the VCE is known as Information Technology: Software Development.

New South Wales[edit]

HSC Course[edit]

In New South Wales, SDD is separated into the Preliminary (Year 11) and HSC (Year 12) courses. A prerequisite for the HSC Course is successful completion of the Preliminary Course, which is the same for any other course in the HSC. The course also often requires a major project, in which students must plan, design and develop a software application. The course in NSW is set out in the NSW Board of Studies HSC Software Design and Development syllabus document.[1]

Preliminary Course[edit]

Concepts and Issues in the Design and Development of Software (30%)
  • Social and ethical issues
  • Hardware and software
  • Software development approaches
Introduction to Software Development (50%)
  • Defining the problem and planning software solutions
  • Building software solutions
  • Checking software solutions
  • Modifying software solutions

Developing Software Solutions (20%)

Course Structure[edit]

Development and Impact of Software Solutions (15%)

  • Social and ethical issues
  • Application of software development approaches

Software Development Cycle (40%)

  • Defining and understanding the problem
  • Planning and design of software solutions
  • Implementation of software solutions
  • Testing and evaluation of software solutions
  • Maintenance of software solutions

Developing a Solution Package (25%)

Options (20%) One of the following options:

  1. Programming paradigms, or
  2. The interrelationship between hardware and software

See also[edit]

Information Processes and Technology, which is a similar course offered in the HSC.


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