Software Projects

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Software Projects
IndustryVideo games
FounderDavid Ward
Jon Woods[citation needed]
HeadquartersBear Brand Complex, Allerton Road, Woolton, Liverpool L25 7SF
Key people
Matthew Smith, Alan Maton Colin Roach
ProductsComputer games

Software Projects was the name of a computer game development company which was started by Manic Miner developer Matthew Smith, Alan Maton and Colin Roach. After leaving Bug-Byte as a freelance developer, Smith was able to take the rights to his recently developed Manic Miner game with him, due to an oversight in his freelance contract.[1] Software Projects was then able to market and publish the ZX Spectrum hit game separately from Bug-Byte. Their logo was a Penrose triangle.

Released Games[edit]

In 1984 they released a number of budget titles at £2.99 on the Software Supersavers label.[2]

Cover art[edit]

The artist responsible for all Software Projects cover art was Roger Tissyman[3]


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