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Solar Systems is an Australian company that constructed three concentrator dish power stations in the Northern Territory of Australia, which together generate 720 kW and 1,555,000 kWh per year. This represents a saving of 420,000 litres of diesel fuel and 1550 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.[1][2][3]

In 2003, Solar Systems completed construction of the first concentrator dish power station at Umuwa in South Australia.[1] Solar Systems is a winner in the 2005 Engineering Excellence Awards.[2]

Solar Systems was placed under voluntary administration on 7 September 2009 placing the Mildura Solar Power Station project and the jobs of two-thirds of the workforce at risk.[4]

In March 2010, Silex Systems purchased the assets of Solar Systems.[5] The power stations that were then in service were purchased by the electrical utilities that had agreed to buy the power from them.

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