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Solimpeks Solar Corp.
Private company
Founded 2001
Headquarters Konya, Turkey
Products Solar thermal collectors
Photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collector
Number of employees
Subsidiaries Solimpeks Solar GmbH
Soliren Ltd.
Seiso Ltd.
Website Solimpeks Solar Corp
Solimpeks Solar GmbH

Solimpeks is a Turkish company dedicated to manufacture and market solar thermal and photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collectors worldwide. The company's broader product line is exported to 60 countries, with European Union countries comprising about 70% of sales.

Solimpeks PV-T products are the first hybrid panels which are listed on the Microgeneration Certification Scheme. Solar keymark, CE mark are one of the 22 certificates owned by the company.


The father company of Solimpeks was founded in 1979 as the first solar thermal collector manufacturer in Turkey. In 2001, the third generation[clarification needed] started their own business with a broader view and achieved 100% growth yearly between 2004 and 2008. The new hybrid panels of Solimpeks were awarded "Alex's Cool Product of the Week" by Building Green[1][not in citation given] and "Green Heroes Award" by Channel 4.[2]


Solimpeks employs many specialized workers in the enterprise's units located in Konya (headquarters), Munich, Bavaria, Germany and Sevilla, Spain.

Solimpeks opened its first foreign branch office in Bavaria, because of the high demand for solar systems in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg.[3]

Solimpeks has sales offices in 60 countries.

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