Somaliland Beverage Industries

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Somaliland Beverage Industries
HeadquartersHargeisa, Maroodi Jeex, Somaliland
Area served
Key people
Ahmed Osman Guelleh, Founder
Mustafe Osman Guelleh, CEO
ProductsLis dairies
Miiran juice

Somaliland Beverage Industries abbreviated as SBI is a beverage corporation headquartered in Hargeisa, capital of Somaliland.[1] Founded in 2010 by Ahmed Osman Guelleh, a local businessman.[2] Based on the revenue, SBI is the largest beverage business in Somaliland.[3][4]


In early 2010, SBI was awarded a license to build & operate a Coca-Cola bottling factory in Somaliland. SBI is the country's single biggest investment to date.[5] The opening of the $17 million Coca-Cola production plant took place on 22 May 2012 and was presided over by then-president Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud.[6]

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