Somebody is Watching You

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Alguien te está mirando
Directed by Gustavo Cova, Horacio Maldonado
Produced by Gustavo Cova, Horacio Maldonado
Written by Gustavo Cova, Horacio Maldonado
Starring Horacio Erman
Music by Daniel Sais
Cinematography Miguel Abal
Edited by Óscar Gómez
Release date
3 November 1988
Running time
84 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Alguien te está mirando (English language:Somebody is Watching You) is a 1988 Argentine horror film directed and written by Gustavo Cova and Horacio Maldonado. The film starred Horacio Erman. The horror film was released in English speaking countries as Somebody is Hanging Around.


A group of students are put under by North American scientists to experience the effects of a new drug that allow to share dreams. The consequences are disastrous.


  • Horacio Erman
  • Marisa Ferrari
  • Andrea Fusero
  • Lucy Green
  • Hugo Halbrich
  • Jorge Abel Martín
  • James Murray
  • Daniela Pal
  • Michel Peyronel
  • Ana María Pittaluga
  • Osvaldo Santoro


Release and acclaim[edit]

The film premiered on 3 November 1988.

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