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Sonja Licht

Sonja Licht (Serbian: Sonja Liht, Соња Лихт, Hebrew: סוניה ליכט‎, born 1947 in Subotica, Serbia, FPR Yugoslavia) is a sociologist and political activist. Currently, she is president of the Foreign Policy Council at the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Born to Antun and Susana Licht, she obtained a diploma in sociology at the University of Belgrade Faculty of Philosophy.[1] She is currently president of Beogradski fond za političku izuzetnost (Belgrade Fund for Political Excellence). The aim of this non-governmental organization is to educate young Serbian politicians, MPs and party leaders, in order to facilitate the transition toward democracy and EU membership. Sonja Licht is the founder and President of BFPE.

Previously, for more than a decade (1991–2003), she was the president of another non-governmental organization — Fond za Otvoreno Društvo (Open Society Fund), a Serbian branch of George Soros funded Open Society Institute. Editors of the Vreme magazin elected Licht as Person of the Year in 2007.[2]

From 2008 to 2012 she was a member of Politika AD's managing board. She has been awarded several high prizes for her public work.

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