Sop Pong

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Sop Pong

ProvinceMae Hong Son
AmphoePang Mapha District
 • Total7,398
Time zoneUTC+7 (ICT)

Sop Pong, sometimes mistakenly spelled as "Sappong",[1] (Thai: สบป่อง) is a village and tambon (sub-district) of Pang Mapha District, in Mae Hong Son Province, Thailand. It had a population of 7,398 in 2005. DUY The tambon contains eight villages.[citation needed]

Notable features[edit]


Sop Pong has two Buddhist temples, at either end of the village, including a forest monk temple, called Wat Ming Muang. It also has a Christian church, a Chinese temple, and a Haw Chinese Muslim mosque in old Sop Pong.[1]


The Lang River runs through the town, and passes through the Tham Lot Cave. Sop Pong has many other caves, with some prehistoric items.[1] In 2015, The Man With The Iron Fists 2, released in April, had a mine scene filmed in Tham Lot Cave.


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