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Industry Music / Media
Genre Electronic Music
Founded 2010
Founder Matt Benn
Headquarters London, United Kingdom
Products Website, Record Label, Events

Soundplate[1] is a London-based electronic and dance music website [2] and Record Label[3] founded in 2010 by editor Matt Benn, covering all aspects and all genres of the global scene therein. The aim of the site is to cover all genres without prejudice, to appeal to an audience of professional DJs and dance music fans. The site features interviews, articles, a frequently updated news section, reviews, competitions, music videos, video features, podcasts, event listings and a tickets section. Soundplate also hosted and streamed a dance music industry debate in July 2013 'The Soundplate Great Vinyl Debate'[4] and has an annual industry awards ceremony.[5] Soundplate provides a weekly chart for Ministry of Sound Radio [6]

Website Content[edit]

Soundplate has a focus on generating a large amount of unique content. Each week sees around 40 tracks reviewed, plus live DJ reviews and interviews with global talent such as Little Louie Vega [7] Soundplate also films and edits video exclusives such as interviews, event videos and live DJ sets from DJ Kayper,[8] Tramlines Festival [9] and Guy Gerber [10]

Soundplate Events & Awards[edit]

The first official Soundplate event was held inside the world famous Ministry of Sound in 2012. The Soundplate Awards 2013 were held at Basing House [11] The events have featured in publications including Timeout Magazine, Urban Nerds [12] and All In London [13] Soundplate is currently touring the Soundplate brand with planning parties all over the UK and Europe.[14]

The Soundplate Great Vinyl Debate[edit]

On July 7, 2013 Soundplate hosted a live debate at Google Campus about the future of vinyl.[4][15] The panel was chaired by Clive Morgan from The Telegraph and included James Lavelle, Sonny Wharton,[16] Uncle Dugs and DJ Magazine.

The Soundplate x Ministry of Sound Radio Chart (Weekly)[edit]

Soundplate provides a weekly chart for Ministry of Sound radio which is presented each Monday night by Ricky Simmonds[17] as part of his House and Funky show.[6]