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SouthWest Transit
SouthWest Transit logo.png
Headquarters 13500 Technology Drive, Eden Prairie, MN
Service type bus service, paratransit
Destinations Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Chaska, Victoria, Minneapolis, University of Minnesota, Fairview Hospital Southdale, Southdale
Daily ridership 3,700 (Q2 2013)[1]

SouthWest Transit is a public transportation agency that is based in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The agency was created in the 1980s to improve public transit for the rapidly developing communities of Eden Prairie, Chanhassen and Chaska. Bus service was added to Victoria in the early 2000s. Bus service runs from about 4:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. Monday-Friday.

SouthWest Transit has been recognized locally and nationally for its outstanding service and commitment to its passengers. In 2004 SouthWest Transit (then known as SouthWest Metro Transit, the word Metro was dropped in 2007) was named Transit Agency of the Year.

The SWTC (Southwest Transit Commission) owns several park and ride lots and also has contracts to use other property for parking. The lots are at the following:

  • SouthWest Station. This one is the largest with 5 levels of parking and is home to the SWT offices. (Eden Prairie)
  • SouthWest Village. (Chanhassen) This lot officially opened in February, 2008.
  • Chanhassen Transit Station. (Chanhassen) This park and ride opened in December, 2011.
  • Clover Fields P&R. (Chaska) This lot opened with the Clover Fields Development in early 2006.
  • Walnut Street P&R. (Chaska)
  • East Creek Station. (Chaska)
  • Preserve Village P&R. (Eden Prairie)
  • Shady Oak P&R. (Eden Prairie)

SouthWest Transit operates bus service from these lots to Minneapolis and the University of Minnesota.


Route Terminals Major streets Transit stations Areas, landmarks Link
638 SouthWest Station Marschall Rd. Transit Station SouthWest Station

Marschall Rd. Transit Station

Eden Prairie Center,

Hennepin Technical College, Downtown Shakopee, Amazon Corp, St. Francis Medical Center

684 East Creek Station (regular), SouthWest Station (S trips) Downtown Minneapolis (regular), Southdale (S trips) East Creek Station, SouthWest Village, Southwest Station, Southdale Transit Center Golden Triangle Industrial Park, Shady Oak Rd P&R, I-35W & Lake St
687 Target North Campus, Southwest Station, SouthWest Village, East Creek Station East Creek Station, SouthWest Village, Southwest Station, Target North Campus
690 SouthWest Station Downtown Minneapolis SouthWest Station, Hwy. 212 & Anderson Lakes Pkwy Eden Prairie Center, Hennepin Tech. College, Preserve Village P&R
691 Walnut St & 4th St (Chaska) Downtown Minneapolis East Creek Station, SouthWest Village, SouthWest Station Downtown Chaska, Shady Oak Rd. P&R
692 East Creek Station Normandale & Best Buy HQ
694 East Creek Station – SW Village – SW Station to Normandale and Best Buy HQ Normandale and Best Buy HQ to SW Station - SW Village - East Creek Station
695 East Creek Station U of M East Creek Station, SouthWest Village, SouthWest Station
697 Downtown Minneapolis - East Creek - Clover Field - McKnight/Pioneer Audubon/Stoughton – Walnut P&R – East Creek – DT Minneapolis (D trips) McKnight/Pioneer – Clover Field – East Creek – Downtown Minneapolis
698 * Clover Field P&R (C trips), East Creek Station (regular and S trips), SouthWest Village (L trips) U of M via Downtown Minneapolis East Creek Station (regular, C, S), SouthWest Village (all), SouthWest Station (all) Shady Oak Rd. P&R (S trips only)
699 Walnut St & 4th St (D trips), Clover Field P&R (C trips), East Creek Station (regular) Downtown Minneapolis East Creek Station (all), SouthWest Village (all) Clover Field P&R (C trips), Downtown Chaska (D trips)

* Southwest Transit's Flagship Route

New Park & Ride Facilities[edit]

SouthWest Transit has now opened three new park & ride facilities near Highway 212. The first, SouthWest Village, is at County Road 101 and Highway 212 in Chanhassen. The second new park & ride is East Creek Station in Chaska. That facility was opened in early June 2008 at the southwest corner of Highway 212 and County Road 41. Chanhassen Transit Station opened in December 2011 and is located north of Highway 5, just next to the Chanhassen Dinner Theatres on Great Plains Boulevard.

East Creek Station Expansion[edit]

Due to near capacity issues, in 2007 the East Creek Station Park and Ride CMAQ (Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality – a federal program) grant submittal was approved for the construction of 450 park and ride stalls, a transit station and busway. The new 450 stalls are structured parking (a ramp), and the station includes passenger waiting areas along with vending and restroom facilities. The total project cost $7.8 million. Bidding for the construction of the ramp and station is expected to take place in the spring/summer of 2012, with construction beginning later in the summer/fall and an opening of the new facility in September 2013. SouthWest is also in discussion with private developers to develop approximately one acre of land currently set aside for future development use. Options for the site include office, neighborhood commercial, and day care.[2]


Records of the SouthWest Transit Commission are available for research use. They consist of annual reports (1997-2005); management plans and budgets (1992-1993, 1995); oversight (1993-1994); and On the Move rider newsletter (2005).[3]

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