South African New Zealanders

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South African New Zealanders
Total population
(54,279 (by birth, 2013 Census)[1]
28,656 (by ancestry, 2013))
Regions with significant populations
South African-born people by region
Auckland 30,612
Waikato 4,755
Wellington 4,557
Canterbury 4,107
Bay of Plenty 2,655
Northland 1,329
Manawatu-Wanganui 1,329
New Zealand EnglishSouth African EnglishAfrikaans

South African New Zealanders refers to New Zealanders who were either born in South Africa or are descendants of South African migrants. As at the 2013 New Zealand Census, there were 54,279 South African-born people resident in New Zealand, or 1.36% of the country's population, making South Africa the 5th largest source of New Zealand immigrants behind the United Kingdom, China, India, and Australia.[1] While South Africans have migrated to New Zealand since the 19th century, over 90 percent of South Africans in New Zealand today have migrated since the fall of apartheid in the early 1990s.[2] Most South African New Zealanders are of White South African origin.

Notable South African New Zealanders[edit]


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