South American Business Forum

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South American Business Forum
Frequency Annually
Location(s) Buenos Aires, Argentina
Inaugurated 2004
Most recent August 5-7, 2016
Participants 100
Filing status Non-profit organisation

The South American Business Forum, also known as 'SABF', is an annual conference that takes place at the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The forum aims, through dialogue and the interaction between current leaders and future leaders, to make a contribution to the sustainable development of South America and the world.

The South American Business Forum was founded in 2005,[1] and has been organized annually since then by students of the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires.[2] The event gathers 100 university students from all around the world and 40 prominent international leaders from the academical, financial, political and social spheres.


The South American Business Forum purpose is to bring together the most talented students in the region with top business leaders under the same topic: corporate ethics and sustainable development. Dialogue and debate between leaders of today and leaders of tomorrow will permit an invaluable exchange of perspectives of the World.

The Forum's ideal is to promote the values which leaders must pursuit in order to contribute to the World's sustainable development. The SABF team strongly believes that this event will be a unique opportunity to make a direct contribution to South America.

SABF editions[edit]

Past editions[edit]

In the SABF's past seven editions, more than a thousand students from over 62 different nationalities have participated. Students from universities such as Harvard University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, London School of Economics and Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, among others have participated of the forum. Doug Casey (American-born economist and best-selling financial author),[3][4] Viktor Klima (Former Chancellor of Austria), Nabeel Goheer, (Global Coordinator - Youth Entrepreneurship Development, International Labour Organization), Félix Luna (Argentinian Writer and Historian), Alexander Laszlo (systems scientist)[5] and Guy Sorman (President, Sorman Editions)[6] are amongst the prominent leaders who have taken part of the event.

12th Edition "A Conversation Across Borders" August 5-7, 2016

11th Edition "The Challenge of Inclusion" August 6-8, 2015

10th Edition "The Age of Collaboration" August 7–9, 2014

9th Edition "Rethinking the Rules of the Game" August 8–10, 2013

8th Edition “Global Objectives, Collaborative Actions” August 3–05, 2012

7th Edition “Facing Exponential Times” August 5–07, 2011

6th Edition “Boosting Our Actions In the new Decade“ August 6–08, 2010

5th Edition “New Paradigms, New Challenges” August 7–09, 2009

4th Edition “Empowering Agents of Changes” August 8–10, 2008

3rd Edition “Positioning Strategies for Sustainable Development” August 3–05, 2007

2nd Edition “Politics and Social Responsibility in a Globalized World” August 4–06, 2006

1st Edition “The Challenges of New Leaders: Values, Technology and Innovation“ August 12–14, 2005

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