Council of South American Defense

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The Council of South American Defense (Spanish: Consejo de Defensa Suramericano, Portuguese: Conselho de Defesa Sul-Americano, Dutch: Zuid-Amerikaanse Defensie Raad) is a mechanism that aims to promote the exchange of safety among the countries that make up the Union of South American Nations, such as military exchanges, experiences in peacekeeping missions, military exercises, confidence building measures mutual and coordinated assistance in areas of natural disasters, among others.[1][2][3]

Its statutes provide for a session once a year. Its resolutions are adopted by consensus.[4]

The Presidency has the responsibility to coordinate all the activities happening under the umbrella of the Council. The Presidency is exercised by the Pro Tempore President of UNASUR. Also, the Council has an advising body called the Center of Strategic Defencee Studies.[5]

The Defence Council is not a conventional military alliance like NATO, but it involves some regional military coordination.


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