Southland station (Calgary)

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C-Train station
Southland (C-Train) 5.jpg
Location 10158 Sacramento Drive SW
Coordinates 50°57′51″N 114°04′36″W / 50.96417°N 114.07667°W / 50.96417; -114.07667Coordinates: 50°57′51″N 114°04′36″W / 50.96417°N 114.07667°W / 50.96417; -114.07667
Owned by Calgary Transit
Line(s) Red line (201)
Platforms Center-loading platform
Connections 16 Palliser
39 Acadia
56 Woodbine
79 Acadia/Oakridge
80 Oakridge/Acadia
81 Macleod Trail
84 Palliser
Structure type At-grade
Parking 650 spaces
Disabled access Yes
Opened 1981
Rebuilt 2011
Preceding station   CTrain   Following station
toward Tuscany
Red Line

Southland station is a CTrain light rail station in Calgary, Alberta. It serves the South Line (Route 201) and opened on May 25, 1981 as part of the original line. The station is located on the exclusive LRT right of way (adjacent to CPR ROW), 9.5 km south of the City Hall interlocking at Southland Drive.[1]

The station consists of a center-loading platform with mezzanine access on the North end and grade-level access at the South end.

The station is located primarily near residential areas to the west (the Southwood neighbourhood), and to the east of the station is the Southland Park business centre and Macleod Trail commercial strip, including the Southcentre Mall and the residential areas of Willow Park and Acadia. 650 spaces are available for parking at the station.

In 2005, the station registered an average transit of 10,500 boardings per weekday.[2]

On July 12, 2016 a flash flood occurred at Southland Park and Ride. This flash flood flooded with high water marks on some cars above the headlights of the cars causing water ingress into engines and car interiors.


The station was originally accessible only from the West side of the tracks; accessing the Southland Business Center required a long walk north to Southland Drive, along Southland Drive over the tracks, and South again on the other side. In November 2009, a pedestrian overpass was added to the Southland Park business centre, which allows for much quicker access to the business park.

Southland station was originally built to accommodate the three-car trains in use at the time of construction. On February 3, 2011, construction was begun to renovate the platform to accommodate 4-car trains.[3] On March 19, 2011, service at the platform was halted until May 6 to facilitate the construction of the upgrade.[4][5]

The upgrade was completed in late August 2011.[6]


As of February 1, 2016, there are seven bus routes operating at Southland Station.

16 Palliser (Clockwise)

39 Acadia

56 Woodbine

79 Oakridge/Acadia (Toward Oakridge)

80 Acadia/Oakridge (Toward Acadia)

81 Macleod Trail (North/South)

84 Palliser (Counter Clockwise)


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