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Andrew Bird's song "Sovay" was originally released as a single before appearing as the first track on his album Andrew Bird & the Mysterious Production of Eggs.

Song meaning[edit]

Bird, when asked about the title of the song, reportedly said that the word "Sovay" was one he had heard in an old English nursery rhyme, but had never bothered to actually research. He also said that he preferred to misunderstand the meanings of songs rather than "[getting] a lyric sheet."[1] Bird's lyrics incorporates the opening lyrics and music of the English folk song Sovay.

He wants to "sack the whole board of trustees, all those Don Quixotes with their B17s," they are "talking in vagaries with their violent proclivities," and "playing ride of the valkyries, they'll blow us back to the 70s..." Bird is talking about the Bush administration and the war in Iraq. That era of his music is full of these references. "Sic of Elephants" is a play on sycophants and the Republican mascot. "Scythian Empires" opens with a rocket attack, references Halliburton and the end of the Scythian empire, or the American empire, or any empire's inevitable demise. Brilliant stuff, lyrically and musically.


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