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Physical sparks[edit]


  • Spark Point, a rocky point in the South Shetland Islands


  • British, Australian and Irish slang for electrician
  • An English synonym for telegraphist (wireless short wave operator)

Computer science[edit]


  • ABC Spark, a Canadian cable channel which is Canada's sister network to the American Freeform channel
  • Spark (radio show), a culture and technology program hosted for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
  • The Spark, an arts and culture radio program produced by WMRA
  • Polly Spark and Professor Spark, characters in the JumpStart Typing educational game series
  • SPARK units, Robotic soldiers controllable by the player in the game XCOM 2

Cartoons and comics[edit]



  • Spark*, the student newspaper of the University of Reading
  • Spark (magazine), an Australian student publication
  • Iskra (Искра, Russian for "Spark"), political newspaper of the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party, 1900–05
  • Der Funke (German for "The Spark"), political newspaper of the International Socialist Struggle League, 1932–33
  • Gnisten (Norwegian for "The Spark"), periodical of the Norwegian Communist Party, 1925–30
  • Spark, an anthology founded by the California State Summer School for the Arts




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