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The Special Book Award of China (中华图书特殊贡献奖) is an annual award established by the State Press and Publication Administration of the People's Republic of China to recognize foreign translators, writers and publishers who have made significant contributions to introducing China, translating and publishing Chinese books, and promoting cultural exchanges between China and foreign countries. The awards have been made annually since 2005, and are announced around the time of the Beijing International Book Fair.[1]

"The awards are China's top publication prize that honors foreigners for making great contributions to the introduction and promotion of China, Chinese culture and Chinese publications to the world."[2]


2019 (13th year) - 12 awards[3][edit]

The recipients included:

  • Bonnie Suzanne McDougall, Australian translator and academic.[4]
  • Daniel Bell, Canadian academic, author of The China Model: Political Meritocracy and the Limits of Democracy.
  • Yuri Tavrovskiy, Russian historian, author of Xi Jinping: Governance Thought in Shape, the first book published in Russia about President Xi Jinping.
  • Ioan Budura, Romanian translator, translator of two volumes of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China.
  • Fabian Lebenglik, Argentinian publisher, president of Adriana Hidalgo Editora.
  • Sotiris Chalikias, Greek translator of Chinese philosophy.
  • András Sándor Kocsis, Hungarian publisher, including The Hungary Chinese and Chinese Hungary Dictionary.
  • Abbas Kdaimy, Iraqi translator and editor, translator of Xi Jinping: Governance of China vol. 1 into Arabic.
  • Yuri Pines, Israeli academic, author of Envisioning Eternal Empire: Chinese Political Thought Of The Warring States Era.
  • Seken Aday, Kazakh academic and translator, especially of Chinese social scientists.
  • Hong Jungsun, Korean academic and publisher, including Chinese Modern Literature and Modernisation.
  • Leopold Moravcik. Slovak writer, including China on the Long March.

Youth awards were presented to:

2018 (12th year) - 15 awards[5][edit]

The recipients included:

  • Andrzej Kacperski, Polish publisher.
  • Staburova Jelena, Latvian researcher of Chinese language and literature.
  • The Nepali translator of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China, vol. 1.
  • The Uzbek translator of Xi Jinping: The Governance of China, vol. 1.
  • Kalmar Eva, Hungarian literary translator of Journey to the West and other works.
  • Olivia Milburn, British translator of spy novelist Mai Jia's works Decoded and In the Dark.
  • Balan Luminita Rodica, Romanian translator.

2017 (11th year) - 20 awards[6][7][edit]

Special Book Award of China award (16) and Special Book Award of China for Young Scholars (4). The recipients included:

2016 (10th year)[edit]

2015 (9th year) - 20 awards[8][edit]

Youth Awards were presented to:


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