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Specular Interactive, Inc.
Privately held company
Industry Interactive entertainment
Founded 2007
Headquarters Foothill Ranch, California, USA
Website http://www.specular.com/

Specular Interactive, Inc. is an arcade game entertainment company based in Foothill Ranch, California. It is best known for developing arcade games H2Overdrive, Dirty Drivin', and Batman (2013 arcade video game).


Specular Interactive was formed in early 2007 by Steve Ranck. Before Specular, Steve founded Swingin’ Ape Studios.[1]

It was announced in November 2007 that Specular Interactive had signed an agreement with Raw Thrills to create a premium coin-operated arcade game. Under the agreement, Specular Interactive would design and develop the game while Raw Thrills will manufacture and publish the game worldwide.[2]

The company's first game was H2Overdrive,[3] followed by Dirty Drivin'[4] . In 2013, Specular Interactive teamed with Raw Thrills and Warner Bros. to released Batman (2013 arcade video game).

The company has been interested in developing a sequel to Metal Arms: Glitch in the System[5][6] as the team at Specular was behind the cult favorite.



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